Planning matters in all aspects of our lives and at all times, but there is a premium on good planning at times of change.  South Orange is at one of those inflection points today and the pace of change is picking up month by month.  We see it in the new residents coming to town, in the growth and vibrancy of Seton Hall, and in the sheer volume of developer interest in local projects.

Without good planning to guide us through this period of rapid change we may look back in 10 or 15 years and not like what we have become.   Now is the time when we need to invest ourselves in building a plan that we then use to guide our individual actions.

Planning is not just for the professionals – it is first and foremost the work of the residents – for amateur planners.  This site is dedicated to fostering a grass roots discussion and debate among citizen planners, with the goal of building a consensus vision for our town that we then work with the professionals on to perfect and document.

The site is open to everyone to both post and comment.  If you are interested in submitting a piece please send us a note through the Contact screen.