Vision 2017: A Draft

Planning is about how we will get where we are going. Vision is about where we are going.   These 5 points capture my current thinking on where we are going as a community.  I look forward to continuing to evolve this document and ask for everyone to contribute to that evolution.

Vision 2017

  1. A vibrant small town of distinct, complementary neighborhoods, that is economically, socially, and culturally diverse.  
  2. A town that attracts residents who want to build and be part of a strong community and invest in activities and institutions that build and sustain community, including recreation, the arts, education, and transportation.
  3. A place where people put down deep roots, remain through life transitions, and build strong social networks.
  4. A community at the forefront of reinventing suburban life, embracing walkability, next generation transit, mixing intimate neighborhood dining with a vibrant downtown of distinctive dining, entertainment, shopping and services.   
  5. A town that attracts and nurtures creativity in all its forms and in all age groups, in our schools, our community programming, and our support for those who work in creative professions.